Digging for Treasure in the Caves of the Spirit

Ginny couldn’t remember when she had fallen in love with the ocean.
Even as a little girl building sand castles, the crashing waves had already been a familiar and comfortable background to her summers, but she couldn’t point her finger to the precise time when she had come to rely on it.

She leaned back in her chair and smiled as she remembered herself, a headstrong girl of seventeen, strutting up and down this very shoreline.  She’d been too self-absorbed then to have given much thought to the ocean yet, but that was when she had fallen in love with Bob.
She’d defied her mother and secretly bought a bikini.  It had turned a lot of heads that summer, but not Bob’s.  He had barely noticed her figure in fact.  He’d been too interested in the tides, chattering on for hours about the pull of the moon and the rhythm…

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